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Best dog accessories – Bow ties for dogs

Best dog accessories – Bow ties for dogs

Bow ties for dogs are a fun way to dress up a dog, especially a dog that doesn’t like to wear dog clothes or costumes for dogs. Styles of animal bow ties differ, too, and doggie bow ties come in all varieties; there’s plenty to match your dog’s size, breed, and personality. Let’s face it, a dog wearing a bow tie is adorable but they don’t always come in a one-size fits all.

Bow tie dog collars and other different types of dog bow ties

One popular type of doggie bow tie is the one that is attached to a collar called a dog tie bow collar. The doggie bow is attached to a traditional dog collar. These collars are often sized according to the size and breed of the dog. Other bow ties for dogs are attached to a dog shirt collar with velcro closures.

A popular bow tie style is the clip-on doggie bow tie that may or may not come with an adjustable dog collar. Sizes often adjust from small to at least a medium-sized dog.

Chinese Crested Dog with bow tie for doggie wedding - Dogs with bow ties are popular today

Dog Weddings – Formal dog bow tie affairs

Dog bow ties for weddings are popular

When is it appropriate to put a bow tie on a dog? Anytime, but many people bring bow ties out for special occasions. Today bow ties for dogs at weddings are seen more and more and are acceptable and appropriate. While dog owners have their dogs wear the formal black dog tie with white collar, others opt to use the Tuxedo style bow tie made for dogs. There are even the occasional dog weddings where the formal bow ties for dogs are a must.

Other special events that may call for dog bow ties are formal parties, doggie birthday parties, family Christmas events shared with dogs, glamour pet portraits, and dog shows.

How to size a bow tie for dogs

Bow ties for dogs make great gifts for dog owners and are a fun gift idea for dogs, too. Whether you’re buying a doggie bow tie for your dog or a friend’s, the first thing to know about the dog’s size. Knowing the breed can be a help if it’s not your dog. Obviously dogs range from toys to giants so neck sizes differ. My Freddie’s neck size is pretty small–He’s a Maltese–compared to that of my giant Great Pyrenees. I don’t think I could get a doggie bow tie made for Freddie around Sam’s giant paw.

While some dog collars are one-size fits, but most come in sizes that range in size for the small toy dogs up to the gentle giants. Knowing the neck size is helpful. Measuring the dog’s neck to get the actual neck size makes for a good fit.

Wrap a tape measure around the base of the neck of the dog and do not measure over the current collar. Usually the dogs don’t wear both collars at the same time. Common sizes are extra small (4-8 in); small (6-12 in); medium (12-18 in); large (16-24 in) and extra large (22-30 in). Below, you’ll find a chart of common neck sizes for the various dog breeds.

Paw print bow tie for dogs Where to find bow tie dog accessories

While many pet stores carry a range of dog clothes, often the best dog bow ties are found online. You’ll find dog novelty bow ties, rhinestone and sequin dog bow ties, and even fun holiday doggie bow ties. For great gift bow tie ideas for a dog owner or a dog, take a look at some of my favorite dog bow ties.

Teddy’s also asked that you check out his favorite list of gifts for dogs.

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Chart of neck sizes for dogs according to breed



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