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Charlie's a very persistent little Pug

Charlie the Pug

Charlie is like the Man Who Came to Dinner and stayed and stayed and stayed. This little Pug was in need of training and so my goddaughter sent him to me for puppy boot camp. He was six months old. He is now a whalloping three year-old and, yes, still requires regular boot camp reminders.

Charlie the Pug is a good dog

Charlie, a Persistent Pug
Pug cartoon drawing by Fiverr JunetheBear
(2013 copyright A Life with Dogs (Vikk Simmons)

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Charlie loves Halloween. I think it’s his favorite holiday. Every year he asks his online friends to help him choose a Halloween costume. He also clamors to go to a Halloween Dog Parade.

My Pug is such a party animal. He’s been trying to get a birthday Pug dog party, too.

This is my persistent Pug, Charlie, who is a real character.

Charlie The Pug