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Happy-Go-Lucky Freddie, a sweet little Maltese

Of all the dogs, Freddie the Maltese loves to play dress-up. He loves his shirts and leans forward, bends his head down and helps me put his shirt or sweater on him. He loves to snuggle, love, and be loved. He’s the sweetie in the bunch.

Animal Control scooped Freddie off our street early one Monday morning. Luckily, my daughter saw them and asked what would happen to him. My daughter called me and we headed to the county’s SPCA to tag Freddie and put a claim on him. If no one wanted him, he’d be my little boy. He’s the cutest little thing with such a sweet spirit and he skips across the yard to his heart’s content. He’s gone deaf in the last year or so but that only makes him even more cuddly.

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Freddie is a sweet little boy and thoroughly Maltese.

Freddie the Maltese