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Sam, a Great Pyrenees rescue dog

Sam is the stretch cadillac of Pyrs

Sam is the newest addition to our pack and he’s been with us since September 2012. He’s six years old and one lean, tall, leggy animal. As I said to my mom when I introduced Sam to her, “Look, Mom. I’ve got a pony.”

Sam is one long and tall dog. He has a couple of extra vertebrae in his back that adds that long line to his silhouette. He’s tall, especially when he’s standing on his back legs.

Samwise Samchild - The Stretch Cadillac Pyr

, Samwise Samchild Sam is the stretch cadillac of Pyrs (Great Pyrenees dogs)

Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue

Sam is a Great Pyrenees rescue dog from Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue, who I love, and he’s quite a boy.

My association with this rescue group began when I first adopted Waco the Wonder Dog. He was a wonderful Pyr who died last August (2012). Read about their rescue stories and my adoptions here:

Sam’s story – Fostering a Dog – The start of a new Great Pyrenees love story.

Sam is the stretch cadillac of Pyrs.

Samwise Samchild, Great Pyrenees

Waco’s storyWaco the Wonder Dog – Best Great Pyrenees Ever.

Learn more here about the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.

These dogs are noble and wonderful. Consider adopting, fostering, or helping out in some way. There are so many Pyrs who need good homes in Texas and surrounding areas. Give them a chance at a good life. See for yourself on my Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue Pinterest page.

For more about Pyrs, their behavior and training issues, go here.