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Homemade Dog Treat Cookbooks and Life

Homemade Dog Treat Cookbooks and Life

Homemade dog treat cookbooks are the best gifts you can give to a fellow dog owner. I know the homemade dog treats I make are, as far as my dogs are concerned, the ultimate gifts I could give them. Their mouths drool, their bodies snap to attention, and their eager eyes target my every move. They LOVE their treats. So I guess it was a natural move to try my hand at making homemade treats. Which then lead to my collecting recipes and creating my own homemade dog treat cookbooks.

New homemade dog treat cookbooks to try and to give to dog ownersYesterday I received a box brimming with copies of my two homemade dog treat cookbooks that will be delivered to my vet’s office next week. This is always an exciting time for an author and I’m certainly no exception.

Homemade dog treat cookbooks add joy

Homemade dog treat cookbooks and snacks make perfect gifts for dog owners.If you’d like to strengthen your bond with your dog, have more fun, and add to that adorable stack of memories that you already have, give yourself a gift and try your hand at making homemade dog treats. My latest homemade dog recipe cookbook, 50 DOG SNACK RECIPES: Holiday Gift Ideas and Homemade Dog Treats, is full of holiday gift ideas for dog owners as well as homemade dog treat recipes.

If I want to get my dogs drooling, all I have to do is make a batch of anything with sweet potato. Naturally peanut butter homemade dog treats are highly prized, too. You might be surprised when you see the wide variety of recipes in both books, including those for cakes and pupcakes.

Save money with homemade dog treats

Like most dog owners, I use dog treats as training aids. My two younger dogs still spend their nights in their crates and race to their respective crates as soon as the bedtime hour rolls around. They scamper inside–their crates are always open and ready for them throughout the day–and peek their heads out and look at me as if to say, “Treats, mom, where’s our bedtime treats.”

The hardest part is to remember that they are treats, not food replacement. It’s tempting to give the dogs more and more because they love them so much, but I do have to ration the treats. Charlie, my Pug, blows up like a balloon at the mere whiff of food. The saddest thing is that treats are so expensive. Making my own has really helped curb the cost.

If you want to give homemade dog treats, a try, I’d be honored if you checked out my books. You can easily find EASY HOMEMADE DOG TREAT RECIPES: Fun Homemade Dog Treats for the Busy Pet Lover and 50 DOG SNACK RECIPES: Holiday Gift Ideas and Homemade Dog Treats. Have fun!

Homemade dog treat cookbooks make the best gifts for dog owners and pet owners.



I’m an avid dog lover and writer who shares her days with eight dogs. If you’re here, you’re probably a dog lover, too. Share your stories and do comment. Check out my books, including EASY HOMEMADE DOG TREATS: Fun Homemade Dog Treats for the Busy Pet Lover, 50 DOG SNACK RECIPES: Holiday Gift Ideas and Homemade Dog Treats and BONDING WITH YOUR RESCUE DOG: Decoding & Influencing Dog Behavior. Look for my NEW PARTY DOG GUIDE coming soon.

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