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National Dog Biscuit Day fun activity

National Dog Biscuit Day fun activity

Make homemade organic dog biscuits to celebrate Natinal Dog Biscuit Day  #NationalBiscuitDay

National Dog Biscuit Day rolls around every year on February 23rd. This is a perfect time to do something special for your dog. What would be better than to celebrate by making your dog homemade dog biscuits? You’ll have fun and will share the day with your dog in a special way.

National Dog Biscuit Day shared activity with your dog

Grab your copy of Easy Homemade Dog Treat Recipes: Fun Homemade Dog Treats for the Busy Pet Lover and turn to the dog biscuit section. You’ll find enough recipes to please a pack of dogs. Don’t have time? No worries. Turn to the no-bake section. So what about this national dog biscuit day?

Make a bucket full of homemade dog biscuits and treat your dog on National Dog Biscuit Day.

National Dog Biscuit Day origins

Well, no one knows exactly how the day came about but the rise of the dog biscuit treat has been on the move since the 1800s. American James Spratt, on a trip to England, brought good old American ingenuity to bear on the problem of the many stray dogs who were hungry and scavenging for food. He created what became known as “meat fibrine dog cakes,” cake-like biscuits that contained vegetables, meat, and grains. A New York company called the F.H. Bennett Biscuit Company, came up with those pet-owner delights of hard-baked dog biscuits in the shape of a bone and called them “milk bones.” Ring a bell? These dog biscuits remain a great hit among dog lovers to this day. So why make your own? The popularity of dog biscuits eventually led to a national celebration.

Why make homemade biscuits on National Dog Biscuit Day?

For all the wonder of the modern dog food products, one major reason to make homemade dog biscuits and treats is simply because they are so healthy. Another huge reason is that dogs love them. A third mega-reason is that your dog will love you for making them. You simply can’t go wrong. I know. I’ve turned to homemade dog treats, myself. My pack loves them and their reaction is the reason I wrote Easy Homemade Dog Treat Recipes: Fun Homemade Dog Treats for the Busy Pet LoverAnother practical reason to make your own dog biscuits is that they are a great help when training your dog. All you have to do is see that sudden drool, and you know your dog will be up for a quick training session and is ready to please you.

Types of homemade dog biscuits to make for National Dog Biscuit Day

You might be surprised at how many types of dog treats and homemade dog biscuits are available to fill your dog’s tummy. Most dogs will scarf up anything containing peanut butter so the Peanut Butter Organic Dog Biscuit is always a huge hit among our furry friends. You’ll also find recipes that contain cheese, barbecue flavors, bacon and other gourmet treats. You’ll find more than fifty mouth-watering treats, biscuits, and cookie recipes that will go along way in deepening your relationship with your daily go-to furry pal. Don’t forget to check out the cookies, too. Now, go whip up a batch of dog biscuits, take your furry pal to the park, and celebrate National Dog Biscuit Day.

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  1. I definitely celebrated National Dog Biscuit Day by spending an evening with my neighbor, a charming dog named Mia (and her owners Dick & Monica). Since I don’t have a dog, I frequently visit friends and families with dogs to get my ‘dog fix’. :) I also celebrated two other February dog holidays this week – “Walking the Dog Day” on the 22nd and “Love Your Pet Day” on February 20th. Your dogs must have been in 7th Heaven this week with all these ‘dog days’ to enjoy. :)
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