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So you want to adopt a rescue dog?

So you want to adopt a rescue dog?

Adopt a rescue dog and find out how to train and bond with rescue dogs. Rescue dog adoptions.What is it about rescue dog adoptions that make them so special?

Rescue dogs. A rescue dog is a wonderful creature and bonding with one is a unique experience. My new book BONDING WITH YOUR RESCUE DOG: Decoding & Influencing Dog Behavior offers glimpses into the world of rescue dogs and what you can do to make your rescue dog adoption a success. I’ve included a FREE 27-page bonus companion book Good Manners Dog Training as a gift to my readers.

My rescue dogs bring great joy to my life

Each rescue or shelter dog brings something different to the relationship. It’s no surprise to me that people always mention how different each of my dogs is compared to another. They have their own separate and distinct personalities shaped by their breed, their past experiences, and their own little self. Nobody can get their pout on more than Charlie the Pug. Riley, my little rockhound, has such a fascination for rocks that he has to bring them into the house and decorate his crate. From the day I was born I was surrounded by dogs. My parents had a gorgeous German Shepherd, Asta, who gave birth to 12 pups two weeks before I was born. Her puppies were my first playmates. Asta was also my first babysitter as she would sit alongside my playpen in the front yard and dare anyone to approach.

What adopting a rescue dog can do for you

Rescue dog adoptions happen in many ways. The most obvious is the type where you go and visit all the shelter dogs at your local animal shelter. These are the dogs that have been left behind, left abandoned, or found but lost. They only want someone to come and take them home. They are in desperate need and they are many. They often happen on a spur of the moment. That’s how FREDDIE came into my life.

As I drove down my street on the way to work, I saw this little white, fluffy blur skip across the road. I stopped to see if he had a collar but he kept on going. A few hours later, my daughter called. I had told her about the little dog and she saw the animal control unit on our street gather him up. They told her he would be taken to the county shelter and that his information would be posted online that night. He also said we could go tag him so that if he wasn’t claimed, we could adopt him. He wasn’t and we did. They named him Frederick but to us he’s just Freddie, our little neighborhood rescue dog. .

Freddie is a delight. He has the sweetest temperament, and he’s a happy little boy. He truly skips and when he does my heart skips with him. He brings joy to everyone he meets.

I hope you’ll consider adopting a rescue or shelter dog. Do take a look at my new book, BONDING WITH YOUR RESCUE DOG. and share it with your friends and fellow dog lovers.

So tell me what you think and leave your comments below. Have you adopted a rescue dog? I’d love to hear from you. .

I’m an avid dog lover and writer who shares her days with eight dogs. If you’re here, you’re probably a dog lover, too. Share your stories and do comment. Check out my books, including EASY HOMEMADE DOG TREATS: Fun Homemade Dog Treats for the Busy Pet Lover, 50 DOG SNACK RECIPES: Holiday Gift Ideas and Homemade Dog Treats and BONDING WITH YOUR RESCUE DOG: Decoding & Influencing Dog Behavior. Look for my NEW PARTY DOG GUIDE coming soon.

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  1. Deb Atwood

    What a lovely story! We also adopted a rescue dog named Nala, a chow German shepherd. I think the shelter named her that because of her furry ruff.

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