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The mother of all treat jars for dogs is made of glass

The mother of all treat jars for dogs is made of glass

Storing dog treats is easier than ever

Where do you put your dog’s treats? Most dog food storage containers are plastic and much smaller than I require. When it comes to containers for dog treats, it’s really pitiful. But things changed when I found this great glass treat jar for dogs  designed to hold a lot of treats.

Shopping for kitty litter yields big find for dogs

Glass jar dog treatsYesterday I went to Big Lots to do a little pet shopping and was rolling the cart up and down aisle in search of kitty litter when I spied this extra large jar with paw prints all over it and Good Dog / Bad Dog Treats written on the front. I started to pick it up but saw the $12 price sticker and stopped. (When I go to Big Lots I’m looking for massive sales.) I started to go on but decided to tap it and came up short when I realized it was made of heavy glass. Now it’s a bargain, plus it’s super-sized.

One of the best treat jars for dogs, especially large dogs, is the glass Good Dog Bad Dog Treats jar. As you can see from full treat jar pictured above, the one and only extra large glass treat jar came home with me and there was joy in the house. Joy because I also had a bag of treats to fill the new dog food storage container. (If you have a small dog you could easily put your dog’s regular food in this and be done with it.) I like this so much I had to share it with you–and I wanted to find another one.

My dogs are super-excited about my latest pet shopping find. There’s nothing they like better than to line up and sit for a treat. Of course, Charlie, being a Pug, has a rather limited diet when it comes to treats. Too many and his ruff blows up and gains so much weight in his neck that he looks like a lion.

More about the Good Dog Bad Dog Glass Treat jar

The jar comes with a tight seal so those pesky bugs and any moisture will have a hard time ruining your dog’s favorite snacks. The jar is 13.2 inches tall and 8.6 x 8.6 inches in the apothecary style. We are not talking thin or cheap glass. This sucker is heavy. For $12 it was a steal but I found you can buy this treat jar online–still a great deal–for $18.99 on Amazon and with prime shipping.

Use the comments to tell me what you think about my new find and share what type of containers, if any, you use.

I’m an avid dog lover and writer who shares her days with eight dogs. If you’re here, you’re probably a dog lover, too. Share your stories and do comment. Check out my books, including EASY HOMEMADE DOG TREATS: Fun Homemade Dog Treats for the Busy Pet Lover, 50 DOG SNACK RECIPES: Holiday Gift Ideas and Homemade Dog Treats and BONDING WITH YOUR RESCUE DOG: Decoding & Influencing Dog Behavior. Look for my NEW PARTY DOG GUIDE coming soon.

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