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Living with dogs is a daily adventure

What you’ll discover here about dogs

This is a fun dog-centric blog full of dog tales and canine discoveries and information. We are all about dogs, dog stories, dog rescues, and more dog stuff, including dog toys, dog products, dog food, dog clean-up, dog training, and yes, all those adorable dog clothes and other non-essentials. Sign up for the email subscription so you don’t miss anything — you’ll receive 2 free e-books, join us on Facebook, and don’t forget to check out our tweets. Read our rescue stories and my favorite rescue group here. (Can’t wait? Have to know more about the dogs? Scroll down.)

What’s the story about A Life with Dogs?

Like any writer who happens to live with dogs, it’s inevitable that the urge to tell their stories will push those thoughts onto paper and eventually into cyberspace. Hence, A Life with Dogs.

What’s A Life with Dogs about? Well, it’s basically about me and my life with dogs. Currently, I live with six independent-minded dogs with strong personalities — all rescued one way or another — who make themselves known to everyone they meet. For more on the importance of dogs in my life, read Going to the Dogs.

Who’s in the pack?

We live in a peaceful pack that is anything but placid. Despite Sam’s extra-tall, extra-long Great Pyrenees size, the alpha dog is Teddy, the obsessive-compulsive Shih Tzu who isn’t giving up his fabulous cheetah king-of-the-pack pillow to anyone, not even a super-sized gentle giant like Sam.

Add to the mix a veteran rock hunter and digger named Riley the Rockhound, a sweet happy boy named Freddie, a rather persistent and wacky Pug named Charlie, and an adorable 3 1/2 pound little little girl named Honeybunn but mostly called Baby, and you just might get an idea of what it’s like around here. And lest we forget, we all live with my 98-year-old mom and her two cats I call Psycho Kitty and Leave-Me-Alone Greta Garbo. (My mom calls them Fifi and Ocie.) There you have it: Our pack.

Waco, a Great Pyrenees,  wearing his Wonder Dog cape that he received from the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue group.

Waco, a Great Pyrenees, wearing his Wonder Dog cape that he received from the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue group.

Click on these links to past stories I’ve written and plenty of photos.

The rescue of Waco the Wonder Dog, a Great Pyrenees. How fostering a Samwise Samchild began a new Great Pyrenees love story.

Charlie the Pug is pretty much an attention seeker so there are several articles about him including Charlie’s attempt to get a birthday party going for himself. Meet Charlie and learn his story here. Find out how he tried to get me to dress him up for Halloween here. 

Twelve years ago Teddy the Shih Tzu came to live with me when he was seven weeks old, you can read his story and see more photos here. Learn how, a few years later, happy-go-lucky  Freddie the Maltese came to live with us here. Then discover what the Easter bunny had to do with HoneyBunn showing up on our doorstep on April 1st, and you can’t forget to read all about my goofy and lovable canine geologist, Riley the Rock Hound.