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Bonding with Your Rescue Dog

Bonding with Your Rescue Dog

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In the dog training book Bonding with your Rescue Dog: Decoding and Influencing Dog Behavior, you'll find a gentle approach to understanding your rescue dog and learn how to influence his or her behavior. You'll also come to understand the joy of rescue dogs and become better prepared to enter into that special relationship that only occurs between a dog and his or her human family. Your discoveries will include:

• learning the various types and personalities that shelter or rescue dogs exhibit
• understanding what to expect when you bring your rescue dog home
• discovering how to help your dog transition into the family
• exploring what to do during the first 24 hours you are together
• gaining tips on potty training, using crates and kennels, and more
• examining how to handle negative behaviors
• receiving additional training and caring in a 27-page bonus GOOD MANNERS TRAINING GUIDE

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