Seasonal dog allergies occur every spring

Dog Allergies Require a Dash of Seasonal Common Sense

Dog allergies plague our furry friends every spring. Everyday care for dogs is often as simple as providing meals and refreshing water bowls throughout the day, particularly during the warm spring and hot summer months. In the rush of daily living, it’s easy to forget that your dog might have needs depending on the weather […]

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Quick dog training 5-minute ritual

Dog Impulse Control Behavior: Who’s in Control? You or Your Dog?

Dog impulse control is a common problem Good manners are not hard to come by. If you have a dog who can’t seem to “wait,” seems to ignore everything you say and lunges forward to take action, or can’t resist doing a dumpster dive into your kitchen trash, you may be dealing with a dog […]

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Puppy proof your best friend

Puppy Proof Your Dog’s New Home and Make Your Home Safe

Puppy proof or dog-proof your home before the arrival of your new best friend.  It’s an important and necessary task as most veteran dog owners and guardians will tell you. It’s easy to get lost in the excitement of the moment and forget to make a quick safety check of your home before you bring […]

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