My Favorite Dog Training Equpment for New Dog Owners

Best Dog Training SuppliesPuppy training supplies for new dog owners and puppy parents.

What are the best everyday training equipment and puppy supplies for a new dog owner or puppy parent? From my lifetime experience, dog lovers are always sharing their favorite dog beds, dog crates, leashes, and everyday supplies. No matter whether it’s family and friends or strangers at the local dog park. Everyone is curious.

These pet resources are taken from my free pdf guide How to Train Your New Dog. As I’ve said, I’ve tried to be as comprehensive as possible when thinking of various types of supplies and training equipment any dog owner might want to consider — and yes, I do own and have used all of the items listed below. You could say this is my Go-To list for dog owners.

Items are listed in order of appearance in the guide.  Bonus: I’ve shared two extra items not in the guide simply because you came to this page!

My Top 30 List for Dog Parents