Living with dogs in a multi-dog household.


The Home of Paw-Powered Dog Joy

Yes, I live in constant joy because I live the dog lifestyle. What, you may ask, is that? No, I don’t dress up as a dog and pad about the house from morning to night…though you could say I wear my dogs. I doubt I have a single pair of black slacks that aren’t speckled with white fur. But I do live according to the daily rhythm of my dogs. You see, I currently share my life with six dogs. Curious about our paw-driven life? Sign up for news, tips, stories, and more:


Life in a Multi-dog Household

My days begin when Max, the big, white Great Pyrennes, decides it’s time to greet the day, usually at the crack of dawn, and he pushes me with his big nose urging me to get up. Within minutes the rest of the dogs join him outside, leaving me with a few minutes to brew a quick cup of coffee before the feeding fest begins. The rest of the story? There’s so much like dog behavior, dog care, dog treat recipes, and even dog parties . . . bookmark this page and follow me as I share what I’ve learned as a lifelong dog lover. Oh, and be sure and check out my books, too. Yes, I even write dog books.

Party planning for dog owners - books by vikk simmons
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The Dog Culture is On the Rise

Do you celebrate your dog’s birthday? You’re not alone. Today 38 percent of national households claim at least one pup and the number is rising. Millennials and Gen Xers eagerly take in new puppies and embrace rescue dogs. They are engaged and include their furbaby in all aspects of their lives.

Toy chests stuffed full of doggie toys line hallways. Furbabies sport new Christmas outfits every year. Adorable winter sweaters warm shivering bodies during the cold days of winter. Let’s face it: our best friends are being treated better than ever.

DOG PARTIES – Party Planning for Dog Lovers